Setting Goals and How to Get There

I managed to run about 4 of 7 days last week. Not terrible, but I would have liked more. And that leads me to what exactly do I want? What are my goals? I know better than to simply say, “I want to be where I was at in college.” (which was 18:30 5K; under 40min 10k). But, that was 12 years ago. I’m not going to get there overnight. Yes, that is my ultimate goal (and better of course), but I need to set realistic mini-goals to help me get there.

My first goal is to run 2 miles straight – no walking.  Already almost there –  Started with 1.3mi on day one, day two hit 1.5, day three & four ran 2mi, but had to walk a little on day one, and day two had to stop to take off ankle tape. Plan on getting out today (after a 3 day hiatus due to company) and aim for the 2 mile non-stop again. I have my route mapped – just need to complete it.

Second goal is to drop my time a little  – I started at about a 10min/mile pace, but that already dropped to around 9min/mile for the shorter runs. My last run was at 9:30min/mile. I think I want to aim closer to 8min/mile (but will be happy to consistently run at 8:30min/mile – I just want under 9min/mile) before adding more miles.

Once I reach that target time, I’m adding another mile. And then we will see where we go from there.

Eventually I want to be logging no run less than 4 miles. And I would love to see my race-pace get in the 6’s. My target 5k time will be to start racing in the low 19’s with an ultimate goal of breaking 19 again. If I can do that…. I’m going to aim higher of course!


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