Crunches, Crunches and More Crunches


yes, I did this one last night. My version is slightly different. I start with my legs extended hovering 6″ from the ground, then lift them straight up, and then I raise my butt off the ground (that last step is the good painful part), and return my legs to hovering 6″ from the ground. Constant work of the abs.


I am in no way a fit junkie… I am your average lazy American (unfortunately). I had a talent to be quick once that I am trying to tap back into (but my laziness tends to get in the way). One of the major players along the way to getting my speed and endurance for my running back is strengthening…

Last night I tackled 400 crunches. And man, I really miss crunches… and I mean really. I love the burn that you get while you do them – you know this hard work you’re doing is actually doing something. I love this weird “wobbly” feeling my abs have today after all those crunches yesterday (let me tell you – it is weird when your tummy feels wobbly).

Why did I ever stop doing crunches? I mean… I always loved doing them. I always loved the way they made me feel… I always loved trying to find new varieties to mix things up and keep it interesting…

Oh, yeah… I’m lazy…

Well, I’m going to try to combat my easy tendency to be lazy. last night was crunches. Today is looking like it will be a hill workout. And I will work on putting together a daily plan so that I don’t have the excuse of, “I don’t know what to do today.”

I’ll post my schedule (once I have it ironed out) if anyone wants to play along… I’ll also post my crunches routine that i did last night. It was fun. 20 different kinds of crunches that anyone can do because you don’t need any “tools” other than yourself & a floor. I started with only 20 reps of each and plan on increasing the reps each week by only 5 each – that ads up quick though:  100 reps total each week.


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