So I was actually doing better with each run… until my run yesterday.

That HURT!

I wanted to go out for my second complete 2 mil run, but instead ran a very painful 1.8 with stops to re-stretch. I knew I was not going to get 2 miles in about a half-mile out when BOTH of my Achilles tightened up to excruciating pain. I ran through it until about 1.5 when i stopped the first time to attempt to re-stretch them. They were so tight that I couldn’t even stand to stretch. I tried to just finish my run, but had to stop a second time because I couldn’t relax my ankles since my Achilles were so tight. I finished. But was not happy. So I did about 500 crunches to try to make myself feel better… It didn’t work… I need to go do more crunches.

But I will be biking today; that should be a lot better!


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