Finishing and Prepping – In that order

Finished off one of my last little canvases this weekend (10″ x 8″). I got a little bit of my floral fix out on it with a fancy little white lily:

White Lily
Please forgive the poor quality photo from my phone. Oil on Canvas Board (10″ x 8″)

This little beauty, although “white”, was full of color. I decided to really pull out those colors that I saw. This little white gem showed some great blue and purple undertones, which came out best in the shadows.

It felt good to get a floral done. I also thinking a bit about what I want to do with my 4 small (6″) squares. Don’t have a solution for them yet – but I am sure one will come.

I also took the time to prep out my 12″ squares for my first set of Elements. I ended up with some great color bases – a fabulous fire orange (for Fire of course), a lush green (for Earth), a smooth and soft deep teal (for Water), and finally a bright and calm pale blue – VERY pale (for Air). Super-excited for them to dry so that I can get some sketched guides down and start laying some feelings and emotion on to the canvas.


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