Great Bike Ride

Went out this weekend with the husband and had a great ride… We biked 35 miles averaging about 14mph out and 16mph back. I was very happy with the overall ride.

Heading out was a bit slugging in part because of some pretty decent headwinds – even though we kept to back roads away from the coast. I was also a little bit stiff from my earlier run. Back was great… I picked up the pace and really challenged myself into each hill… The ride felt strong and swift (even though it was “only” 16mph).

I finished off the good ride with about 400 crunches, some light lifting (quads, hams, triceps, biceps, and deltoids)

I’m still a little sore from the ride – that was Saturday. But I plan on going out for a short run tonight. Here’s to hoping I can get back my 2 mile and start focusing on quickening the pace again before upping to 2.5mi.


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