Better Run

had a good run  last night. Went out for 2.4 miles – another mileage increase – yay! My Achilles are still being little pests. I needed to stop to re-stretch them about 1.25 miles in. But I manages to actually stretch them out. I ran just about the entire way back – but there’s a story to that too…

Part of my run took me on a very back road (meaning dirt/gravel road). Well, apparently THIS is where all of the bugs live. I ran this road both out and back for my run. Out, it was still pretty early in the run. I noticed the bugs, but they were just annoying then. I still felt good.  On the way back, on the other hand… I really think all the bugs procreated (quickly) in the short time it took to return to this road. The bugs were BAD! I was feeling only OK;  playing mental games with myself to convince myself I was still running great. I turned left onto *the road* and WAM! Bug Central! I think I sprinted through the entire stretch – all 1/4 mile of it… aaannddd…. my legs hated me for it when I hit the pavement on the other end. And this is where I had to stop again. It was brief. But, still a stop. *sigh*

The good news is that i will probably run this back road a lot more (in spite of the bugs) because it felt great under my legs. The dirt/gravel was very nice to me. It really made me realize how much the pavement sticks. I know I will eventually get used to pavement again. I used to run it all the time – far… It just will take time and patience (one of which I don’t usually have too much of: patience)… We’ll get there though…

Again, I complimented my run with about 400 crunches. I think today after my run I may up that my about 100 by increasing my reps from 20 to 25 (maybe I’ll push it to 30 reps – some of them are starting to get too easy).


2 thoughts on “Better Run

  1. Glad you had a better run and that your mileage increased. That’s always nice. The bugs sound awful — I hate bugs, but I prefer trails to pavement so I just deal with them — a small price for the wonderfulness of trail running. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement… And I totally agree, trails are way better (even if there are more bugs in general). Trails are just so much nicer to your legs – not so much pounding & stress. But I have to watch my ankles on the trails – they’re not so good anymore… way too many sprains.

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