Making Progress

After a short hiatus in my running due to training at work, I went back out yesterday and ran an excellent run.

On Monday I arrived at work to find out that I would be getting a visitor for Wed, Thurs & Fri, whom I will be training in everything that i do. She was a new colleague from another property, who will be essentially doing the same things that I do. So they decided to send her up to me to quickly get whipped into shape since I had been helping them out while they worked to fill the position. It was nice to have someone in the office who “got” everything that I did… but it hurt my exercise routine because I would get home so late.

BUT… I went out yesterday for another full 2.5 mi. Didn’t stop once. And managed to run it averaging under a 9min/mi pace. And finished it all with 1,000 crunches (man, I love those)…

Aiming for my next increase for my next run – 3 mi… I already have it mapped. But today will be e bike ride with the husband. Excited to aim for the 3mi. Once I hit that comfortably, I can start to focus on speed and strength. I’ll probably schedule in another hill workout this week. I still desperately need all the help I can get on those hills. But I am getting there. Little by little…


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