Hit my 3

I ran my first 3 mile run in a very long time on Tuesday. It felt good (even though I had to stop once).

I mapped out my run before I ventured out as I always do when increasing distances in order to ensure the best odds at actually hitting that new distance. My trek involved a small loop within a development before heading back from whence I came… Apparently this “loop” didn’t really exist, however, in the development. And I wound up venturing down cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac in vein to find the through-street to the loop. This is where my “stop” was… I had to stop (a few times) to turn around. I eventually found a cut-though (not the one that I had originally mapped) back to the main road so that I could make my way back home. And, as always finished off with many crunches.

Always an adventure. I plan on heading out again today for another hill workout. Hoping for a little more energy on the hills and a greater ability to “attack” the hills as compared with my last hill workout…


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