Start of NH 48

Am I crazy? Maybe…

The husband & I hiked our first summit of the NH 48 – 48 mountain peaks over 4,000 ft in New Hampshire. We opted for Mount Canon via the Kinsman Ridge Trail – 2.2 miles to the top with 2,100 ft elevation change. Of course we hiked both up and back down. No tram for us. It was steep and challenging, but a LOT of fun.

Kinsman Ridge Trail. I’m still happy here, we’re still be near the bottom.

The Kinsman Ridge Trail Head is located just at the base of the Tram at Cannon Mountain. It immediately heads up. And you just keep going up until you reach the Man in the Mountain Historic Site. There is a great overlook there. Just be careful of the edge – there is a false ledge.

Man in the Mountain Historic Site Overlook – that’s the husband on the right. Beautiful view of Lincoln, Lafayette and North Peak.

From the Main in the Mountain Historic Site, you go down a bit before heading up again. Be prepared for some bouldering on this hike. It is certainly NOT all uphill “trail”. The views along this hike were simply amazing.

Kinsman Ridge Trail, near the top


One thought on “Start of NH 48

  1. Such a wonderfully rugged section of the A.T.! Thanks for sharing some glorious images. I remember a hike through (Kinsman-Pinkham 1988) that section with *not a cloud in the sky for the entire 10 day transit* – which is rare. Happy trails!

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