I *finally* started to draw out some Elements this past weekend. I chose to draw out using graphite (2H to 5H) and colored pencil so that I can get an idea of how they will look in color when put on canvas…

Problem is… I don’t think Fire will look right on the orange base I already prepped. I don’t know what I was thinking. Clearly, black or shades of grey would have been more appropriate: smoke as the base – as it is usually the overpowering element of a real fire. So, I guess I will be going back to the “prep” work for Fire #1…

I also drew out a Water. I didn’t add color to that as the graphite work was pretty intense. I may draw it again a bit lighter so that i can apply appropriate color tones to it in pencil. I am still somewhat happy with my base choice for Water so far – a deep turquoises blue (very deep – which is probably why I am still happy with it)). We’ll see if that pleasure remains after I draw our Water with color.

I started to also doubt my base for Air: a very pale blue (nearly white – but not). I am beginning to think I want a darker base for that so that what I intend to do to illustrate Air will pop better.

Earth is a dark vibrant green. I think that is also a safe color.

I am beginning to think darker colors will make better bases for this series.


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