Yoga=Fun & Challenging

For someone who did ballet for 7 years and has been involved in sports pretty much my entire life, you’d think I was at least decently flexible… Well, you’d be wrong.  When it comes to flexibility – I am worse than really bad!

At least I acknowledge that my flexibility is beyond less than par (and acknowledging I have a problem is half the battle, right?). And what better way to increase flexibility than to do yoga.  So… I looked up some beginner yoga workouts:

I found 20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout:

This one is really fun and active. You an do just the 20-ish minutes or you can do up to 5 reps of the just under 20-min routine. It certainly will work your flexibility and get your heart rate going…

I also found a Yoga for Runners: A Stretch Class for the IT Band with David Procyshyn

This one is particularly good for me since I have very tight ITs which have caused Bursitis in both hips!

And I now have found the P90X Yoga day online as well. Super excited for this one (forgive the Japanese page (I think), but at least the P90X video is in English):

P90X Yoga (link to page)

AND… I learned how challenging Yoga is to someone with little to no flexibility to speak of… There were poses that I couldn’t even get into from the Yoga for Runners video. BUT, that being said… after only 2 days of only doing the 20 mins of the Weigh Loss & Fatburning, plus the Runners Yoga Stretches, I already see a huge improvement in my flexibility. And I hurt – but it’s a good hurt!


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