Best Run Yet

OK.  I am now a firm believer in the benefits of Yoga… I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t a believer before; but I wasn’t sure *how* helpful it would be… until my run yesterday!

After only 2 little yoga days (one day I did a 20 min Yoga For Weight Loss and Fat Burning plus Yoga For Runner Stretches; the other day I only did the 20 min Weight Loss and Fat Burn Yoga). Yesterday, I ran 2.7 miles… MUCH faster than I had been running. My legs felt great! No tightness. No aches. No pain. My lungs were mostly OK. my heart rate was a little less pleased – sort of like, “hey, wait… a little too quick here”.  I had been averaging anywhere from 9:30 to just over 10:00 min/mi. Yesterday’s run I hit at 8:30min/mi (with 2 very short walks to let my lungs/heart rate recover a bit). But wow! 8:30min/mi WITH 2 stops!

Seems the yoga has helps loosen me up quite a bit & my body is beginning to remember its speed. Now I just need my body to remember its endurance too.


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