Getting Better Without Even Knowing It

I went out for a run today at lunch. I decided to run what i thought was a 3 mile loop for a couple of reasons:  1) I hadn’t run in a while, only biked; and 2) I want to push myself to longer mileage.

Sooo…. I ran what felt like a nice, reasonable, comfortable, slow pace. My lungs were burning a bit throughout the run – kind of like when you run indoors or in very cold weather. I was not doing either (it was 70 degrees F and super-sunny with 71% humidity). But this was my only complaint for the entire run. I did walk about a block equivalent at 1.4 miles. And then a very short walk (maybe20 feet) closer to the end. Both walk “breaks” were to calm the burning in my lungs. Legs felt great!

I felt like I was running slow… I did keep peaking at my GPS, but the pace was all over the place today because the GPS was being choppy. It ended up reading my entire run to be 3.88 miles (which I knew was not the case) in 28:50 mins total. And it said that I ran in a 7:25 pace (which I also knew could not be since I felt SO SLOW). Without actually doing the adjustments online yet or doing the math based on the mileage I think I ran, I would guess that I had run 3-ish miles at about an 8:30 min/mi pace…

I was close… I did run 3.11 miles. So that mileage for that total time puts me at a 9:16 pace. Not quick, but I didn’t feel quick. Still happy with the run. And knowing that I had walked bits, I’m pretty OK with the pace. I need to start adding more distance in – just force it. The endurance will follow along; it doesn’t have much of a choice. 🙂


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