Size matters

…at least when I am trying to figure out what size canvases to paint my Elements on.

So, I was super-excited last week when my shipment of Dick Blick materials arrived in the mail. It was 6 (yes SIX) glorious boxes of canvases and paint. 12 of the canvases were ordered specifically for Elements. They were 12″ x 12″ canvases – exactly what I wanted… Until the husband suggested that might be too small for what I wanted to accomplish with this series.

That’s when the great size debate began.

I explained my desire to keep each series of four paintings together and sold as one “set”. I pointed out my concerns that if I went much larger that would make them  a little bit cost-prohibitive (not entirely, but starting to push it). Gong too large would also create potential issues with hanging – if you want to hang them together (as I think they should). With smaller canvases you have versatility in how you hang the set: you can hang the 4 pieces to layout a square, you can hang them in-line horizontally, you can even hang them in pairs vertically separated by a window or some other architectural structure. But, he felt that I just really can’t do justice to the images and the dancer that small. I agreed. But then what size?

I ended up deciding that 16″ x 16″ would be a better fit. It still allows for some versatility with hanging. At 16″ x 16″ you would have a 34″ x 34″ square if hung in that manner (leaving 2″ gap between each). You can hang them horizontally if you have the space. You’d have 70″ across (5 ft-10 in – with 2″ gaps between again). If you have a good wall for it, you can hang them all horizontally with windows and/or doors between each. And even the pairs hung vertically with an architectural element between will work, leaving you with two 16″ x 34″ sets (with 2″ gap between each again).

And all this means I get to make another Dick Blick purchase… YAY!


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