Old Injuries Coming Back for a Visit

No, thank you! Really… you, old injuries, could have stayed aware forever. I did not need to see you again; not now, not ever! But… apparently, they didn’t feel the same way.

The bursitis in my hips has flared up. My left hip is taking the brunt of the flare-up, but both hurt pretty good. So, I did what any sensible doctor-avoider would do. I ignored it… for a while… And then when it got worse, I finally broke down and made a doctor’s appointment with the Sports Medicine facility that the local university uses (it’s got to be good if a division I collegiate university is using them for all of their sports, right).

I had my appointment last week. He confirmed that it was, in fact, my bursitis rearing its ugly head again. We decided on a bunch of trial-and-error options to work on fending it off – stretching (this one isn’t trial-and-error… I AM TO STRETCH), and wedges (these are inserts into the shoe that lift the outside of the heel which will in-turn relieve pressure on the outside of the hip). The trial-and-error comes in with the combination options of my new wedges and my old orthodics. I get to go for at least one week (with at least 2 runs) with wedges-only. See how that goes. Then same time period with no inserts at all. See how that goes. And finally same time frame with BOTH (this is going to be interesting because that is A LOT of height added to the heel inside of my shoes).  If I don’t see remarked improvement (meaning no more pain at all), then Physical Therapy is in order.

He also wants me in new kicks. Background:  my current running shoes were discontinued by the manufacturer back in 2007 (at my best guess, it could have been earlier, but certainly not later). No, I haven’t been wearing them since then… They were part of my collegiate shoe allowance back in 1999. But I was injured that year and didn’t actually wear all of my shoes from that purchase allowance. So, they sat in my basement until about 100 miles ago. So they are way below the mileage you can put on the shoes… but there has been so many sneaker technology enhancements that they may not the best shoe foe me anymore…

I have been on the wedge now for 1 week. I’ll get out for my first run today. But I can already say there has been some improvement. I see a noticeable relief of the strain-feeling on my hips. This has relieved my day-to-day constant dull underlying pain… Although my left hip is kind of angry with me today, I am not sure why. But we’ll see how this short run goes (I’m not allowed to run more than 2 miles – boo!)…

AND… my ankles has been acting up again as well. I had my appointment for that this week. The ankle isn’t looking so great. It is very wide open – meaning that the ligaments are super-stretched out. He doesn’t want to do reconstructive surgery yet, but if the strengthening exercises don’t work OR if I sprain it again… yep, surgery. UGH! I do not want that – it is a 6 month recovery!


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