Mexican Ghost Plant Cropped

Feeling a Little Green

I have been feeling green for a little while. I have quite the itch to paint a new larger floral. So… I have dug through my archives of photos taken over the years and found just the right image. I have a photo taken a couple of years ago at the UNH Green Houses Open House. It is of a Mexican Ghost Plant.

Mexican Ghost Plant Uncropped
This is my original photo of the Mexican Ghost Plant before cropping for the painting.

I had a couple of green plants to choose from. But opted on this one after cropping it down to what would actually be put on the canvas. I just fell in love with it. Not 100% green; it has a bit of mauve peeking through. I felt this will give it the character and depth that I larger painting can enjoy. I am still debating if I want to ignore the shadows that are so strong in the photo. I may mute them down a bit so that they don’t take away too much from the plant color and depth itself.

And for comparison-sake… Here is the cropped version (still not exactly what ended up on the canvas, but closer):

Mexican Ghost Plant Cropped
Cropped version of the Mexican Ghost Plant, ready to be drawn on to my canvas.

I already have it drawn on to the canvas (no point in trying to get a picture of that since I draw lightly so as not to get graphite smudges in my paint). Now, I just need to find a few hours where I can paint, undisturbed by my darling 20 month old… But I am excited to have gotten this far considering I haven’t painted or created any art since my daughter was born.

Here’s to more art!!


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