Running Wild

No, not really… But I have been running again. And loving every minute of it.

I got out twice last week. I thought about using a “coaching” guide to get myself back into running (since it has been SO very long).

I looked at Couch to 5K. I really do like that program. But I think, even though I have been out of running for a very long time, that I am still too advanced for how easy they start you and build up. I know that I can handle more than 60 seconds run and 90 seconds walk.

I also have a really cool app from Adidas on my phone called MiCoach. I set that up to actually coach me, but that program was too advanced. It wanted to start me off with a 50 minute interval run. I haven’t run consistently since the year 2000. My running broke with the millennial bug. I might be ready for this run a year from now once I am actually running every day/every other day for more than 2 days.

So, I set out to run 30 minutes of 2 minutes run and 2 minutes walk. I headed north along the coast. It was a beautiful run. A nice cool sea breeze blowing off the water at parts was a nice counter to the warmer temps and dry air we have had recently. Then I hit my 15 minutes to turn around… and BAM! I got smacked in the face with the 10 mile per hour winds that were apparently at my back the entire first half of the run. That was a cruel joke for my first day out running…

And the weather did the same to me again on my second day running. But I took the winds in stride (no pun intended). I was much happier with day two. Even though I averaged slower times on the way back for the running portions only, my pace was consistent on the run back. I averaged 7:30-8:30 min per mile on the way out for the running portions, and averaged 9:30-10:00 min per mile on the way back. So, yeah. MUCH slower (but what do you expect with 10-15 mile per hour winds blowing in your face), but also much more consistent. As a distance runner, I like consistency.

Speaking of consistency, I need to get my tush back out for another run. I took the weekend off in the face of 30+ mile per hour sustained winds all weekend. That is a little much for my out of shape self to handle right now. But, I’ll be hading out again today for another 30 minutes of 2 on/2 off.


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